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3 in 1 Retractable USB Charger

This charger includes everything you will need to easily and quickly charge your mobile phone from a..

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

Bluetooth speaker with a handle.Bluetooth connects wirelessly up to 10M away.Item works with most bl..

Bright Fire LED Lantern Flashlight

The Fire-Bright is an LED flashlight and lantern all in one. The light weight aluminium body and comp..

Custom Logo Cleaning Micro Fibre Cloth

A custom made large micro fiber cloth to safely clean musical instruments, antiques, pianos, televis..

Earphone in a bag

Custom branding high-quality earphones compatible with the computer, notebook, iPod, mobil..

Flexy Book Light

EXCLUSIVE DESIGNA book light featuring a bright LED light, flexible neck and a clip perfect for..

Karera Power Bank With Lanyard

The Promotional Karera Power Bank is a great tool for recharging your Smartphone. To use, simply cha..

Large Micro Fiber Cloth with Custom Logo Imprint

This custom made micro fiber cloth for cleaning sun glasses, reading eye glasses, cameras, mobi..

Maestro Wireless Speaker With High Definition Audio

The Promotional Maestro wireless speaker with High Definition audio, built-in microphone, radio, and..

Micro Fibre Laptop Screen Protector with Custom Logo Imprint

A promotional micro fibre cloth to be placed between the screen and the keyboard of a lap top comput..

Phone USB Fans

Mini mobile phone USB Fans, 2 in 1 Adapter with Micro USB and Lightning Connector allows for use wit..

Power Bank Battery Charger With a Speaker

A promotional combination of a 2200 mAh lithium ion power bank battery charger with a speaker that c..

Promotional Boom Boss Wireless Speaker

Share your music anywhere with this promotional compact but powerful speaker featuring both wireless..

Promotional Medium Micro Fiber Cloth

Promotional micro fiber cloth for cleaning sun glasses, reading eye glasses, cameras, mobile phones,..

Promotional Roxy Wedge Wireless Speaker

This promotional little wedge speaker features four small suction cups to secure and display your ph..